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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 122

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“Let’s go.” Murray looked at Joe coldly, signaling him to lead the way.

They soon came to Factory No.1.

“Who is in charge of purchasing the raw materials?” Murray looked at the information that Joe handed
him and asked.

“It’s Anna. All the raw materials in Wyvernholt’s factories were purchased by her.”

“Were all the raw materials purchased by her?” Melissa looked up at Joe and frowned. “If it’s a matter
of purchasing, why is there only a problem with Factory No.1?”

“Anna is an old employee. She has been in charge of purchasing. I don’t think it is her problem.” Joe
curled his lips and said disapprovingly.

Melissa nodded. “Where is Anna? I want to see her.”

Joe called Anna. “Anna, come to my office.”

Ten minutes later. A middle-aged, slightly plump, curly-haired woman with a medium build

walked in.

“Mr. Gibson and Ms. Eugen are here, Anna.” Joe smiled at Anna and said, “They want to know about
the purchase of materials for ‘Ice and Fire’.”

Then, Joe introduced Anna to Murray and Melissa. “This is Anna. You can ask her about the purchase
of raw materials.”

Anna looked at Murray apologetically. “I’m sorry, Mr. Gibson. I’m to blame for the problem with

the raw materials. But I can guarantee there is no problem with the materials I purchased, and all
procedures are carried out following the company’s specifications.”

“Where did you buy these raw materials?” Murray asked in a low voice


Anna brought over the purchasing contract and explained to Murray, “All the raw materials in France
were purchased from these three companies. We have cooperated with these three companies for
more than three years, and there have never been any problems before.”

“When you purchased the raw materials, did you conduct random inspections?” Melissa lowered her
eyes, looked at the purchase contract, and asked.

“Yes. All the procedures are following the norm.” Anna said confidently.

“Okay, I got it. Anna, you can go back to work.” Murray looked through all the information and looked
up at Anna.

Anna nodded respectfully. “Alright, Mr. Gibson. I’ll go back now, and come to me anytime if you

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need anything.”

Anna turned to leave. Melissa’s gaze fell on the information in Murray’s hands. “Is there any


Murray frowned and said coldly to Joe, “I need the list of all the people who can access the raw

“Okay, I’ll get someone to do the statistics right away.” Joe quickly arranged it and got someone to send
the list.

Those who could come into contact with the raw materials, apart from the employees in charge of
guarding the warehouse, were the workers responsible for transportation and production. They also
had the opportunity to approach the raw materials and take advantage of the mobility.

Staring at the dozens of people on the list, Murray pondered for a moment and asked in a low voice,
“Where are the raw materials that have problems now?”

Joe looked out of the window. “They are all in the warehouse over there.”

“Is there a problem with the raw materials of that warehouse only?” Melissa followed Joe’s gaze. There
were more than a dozen warehouses there.

“Yes.” Joe gave Melissa a definite answer.

“Let’s go to the warehouse and take a look,” Murray said coldly.

The warehouse that stored the raw materials was dozens of meters away from the factory.

Usually, transport workers would transport the raw materials to the factory and put them into

In other words, it was also possible that there was a problem during the transportation.

“The warehouse is there.” Joe pointed to the warehouse not far away and led the way.

Melissa and Murray were walking behind Joe.

When they were about to reach the warehouse, Joe’s phone suddenly rang.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Gibson. I need to answer a call first,” Joe said apologetically.

Murray nodded and continued to walk forward with Melissa.

The closer they got to the warehouse, the more nervous Melissa felt, as if something bad was about

to happen.

Suddenly, smoke rose from the warehouse in front of them. A hot wave of air rushed out from the
warehouse roof, and the fire flashed.

“My goodness! It’s going to explode!” Melissa looked at the thick smoke and fire not far away in
surprise. She stopped and pulled Murray back.

At the same time, a loud bang was earth-shattering.

as ea

Billowing smoke rose into the air, forming a mushroom cloud. Red flames surged into the sky.

“Melissa, be careful!” Murray’s nervous and anxious voice sounded in the deafening explosion.

Melissa looked up and saw a ceiling, overturned by the airwave, flying straight towards her.

After a round of spinning, Melissa was firmly held by Murray. He used his solid body to block the steel
plate, and Melissa was tightly protected in his arms.

They fell to the ground together, and Melissa’s back fell on the hard concrete ground.

It hurt…

Before she lost consciousness, Melissa vaguely heard Murray’s low and hoarse voice, “Melissa, don’t
be afraid. I’m here.”

By the time Melissa woke up, she was already lying in the hospital.

“Murray!” The remaining consciousness made Melissa subconsciously shout.

However, no one replied to her.

Melissa forcefully opened her eyes and saw a white wall unique to the hospital.

Where was she? Why did her back hurt so much?

After rubbing her temples hard, Melissa’s consciousness began to gather back.

Melissa remembered she went to the warehouse with Murray to check the raw materials that contained
radioactive materials, but the warehouse suddenly exploded!

At that critical moment, Murray protected her with his body.


Melissa endured the pain and struggled to sit up. Just as she was about to get out of bed, the ward

door opened, and a young woman in a nurse uniform walked in.

“Where is Murray?” Melissa grabbed her and asked anxiously.

“What?” The nurse was confused as if she did not understand what Melissa was saying.

Melissa suddenly realized that she was in Wyvernholt. This nurse could not understand her.

She asked again in French, “Where is Murray? Who sent me to the hospital? Is the man with me all

“I do not know.” The nurse shrugged her shoulders.

Melissa was anxious. Did something happen to Murray?

Melissa wanted to get out of bed to look for Murray but was held down by the nurse. “Miss, you are

injured and need to rest.”

“I’m fine. It’s just a minor injury.” Melissa furrowed her brows as she grew more and more worried

Melissa had to hurry to Murray and confirm that he was fine.

However, a strong sense of unease swept over Melissa.

If Murray were fine, he would be by Melissa’s side at the moment.

Murray… Something must have happened to him.

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