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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 117

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Chapter 117 The Problem is in Wyvernholt

“French branch factory?” Murray raised his eyebrows and asked coldly.

“Yes.” Melissa nodded. Then she frowned and said, “The test results have just come out.

Some of the products produced in the France branch factory do contain radioactive elements.”

Murray rubbed his temples and said in a cold voice, “We have been neglecting the French branch
factory before. Now it seems that someone has taken advantage of the situation to do something.”

Melissa thought quickly in her mind.

Indeed, compared to the headquarters, the management of the French branch factory was much
weaker. After all, it was far away from the headquarters, so it was much easier to conduct secret
operations there.

Melissa thought for a while and said coldly, “We have to immediately find out what is wrong with the
France branch and when the radioactive element was mixed in. Even if it is a French branch factory, it
is not so easy to do anything secretly. There is likely a mole in our company.”

“I’ll get someone to check it out intmediately,” Murray narrowed his eyes and said in agreement.

Melissa pursed her lips and said firmly, “I want to go to France myself.”

Melissa thought it was necessary for her to make a trip to France if she wanted to thoroughly
investigate what was going on.

After all, to be able to mess around in the Gibson Corporation’s factory, this person was definitely not
easy to deal with.

As the person in charge of “Ice and Fire,” it was Melissa’s duty to investigate the truth.

“I will go with you,” Murray said without hesitation.

Murray wanted to go personally?

Melissa was a little surprised. She glanced at Murray and asked, “Don’t you need to stay here?”

“I’ll go personally. Firstly, it shows how much importance we’ve attached to this matter.

Secondly, we can intimidate the people behind the scenes.” Murray’s deep gaze fell on Melissa. Then
he said in a low voice, “As for the matters here, I’ll let Alex deal with them.”

In fact, there was another more important reason which was that Murray was worried thai Melissa
would go alone.

After all, France was so far away, and Melissa was alone and unfamiliar with the environment there. He
was worried that she would not be able to handle it.

as W

“Right now, there’s something more important and urgent.”

Melissa lowered her gaze and pondered. Then she said, “We must immediately get back all the ‘Ice
and Fire’ produced by the French branch factory and negotiate compensation with the parties involved
in the poisoning incident. We must satisfy their conditions so as not to further damage the image of the
Gibson Corporation.”

Because of the influence of the “Ice and Fire” radioactive element incident, the stock price of the
Gibson Corporation had fallen for several days in a row. The most important thing now was to quickly
recover the losses.

What Melissa said was what Murray was thinking

“Alright, I’ll get someone to do it right away.” Murray frowned slightly.

After a pause, he looked at Alex and said, “Help me arrange for a press conference this afternoon.”

“Yes, Mr. Gibson.” Alex turned around and left.

“Then I’ll go to work,” Melissa said, “and I’ll book a flight to France for you tomorrow.”

Murray shook his head and said, “No need. I’ll take my private plane tomorrow.”

“A private plane… Alright.” Melissa thought.

Then Melissa shrugged her shoulders and walked out of his office.

Just as she walked out of the door, Melissa bumped into a man who was walking toward her.

Melissa looked up. It turned out to be Jim.

“Mr. Corbin.” Melissa nodded to Jim and greeted him.

Jim only gave Melissa a cold look, then walked past him and walked straight into the president’s office.

Hearing the footsteps, Murray looked up.

Seeing that Jim was walking towards him, Murray greeted him indifferently, “Jim, is there something?”

“Murray,” Jim took out his phone and placed it in front of Murray, saying with a tone of reproach, “the
stock price of the Gibson Corporation has already fallen by ten points in the past few days. Do you
know that?”

“I know,” Murray smiled and said in a low voice, “I will deal with this matter.”

“What are you going to do.’” Jim frowned and looked at Murray, continuing, “We all know why the stock
price of the Gibson Corporation has fallen. In fact, it is very simple to solve this matter.”

“Well, do you have any suggestions?” Murray leaned back against the chair and glanced at lim


Jim was Marc’s adopted son and was two years younger than Kean. They had grown up together and
were very close.

Later on, Jim even assisted Kean in managing the Gibson Corporation and helped him do many things.

After Kean’s death, Jim had once acted as the CEO of the Gibson Corporation. However, Marc still
handed the Gibson Corporation over to Murray and arranged for Marc to be the vice president.

In the past few years, the Gibson family had been thriving under the leadership of Murray, and Jim had
gradually resigned from a leading post.

“Kill one to warn the others and expel Melissa.” Jim added, “As the person in charge of the project,
Melissa neglected her duties and made such a big mistake. Only by expelling her can we restore the
Gibson family’s reputation.”

“Is that so?” Murray’s eyes turned cold, and his handsome face became fierce.

What Jim meant was to push all the blame onto Melissa and make Melissa the scapegoat.

In the current situation, this was also a way to solve the urgent situation.

However, this could not solve the fundamental problem.

Even if the person in charge was not Melissa, Murray would not and was disdained to do so.

Seeing that Murray was silent, Jim directly handed a document to Murray, saying, “Expel Melissa.

This is the unanimous opinion of several members of our board of directors. There are autographs

on it.”

Murray took the document and glanced at it. On it were the signatures of several shareholders, and in
the first place was his mother.

“Is this what my mother meant?” Murray frowned and spoke unhurriedly.

“Yes. It’s also our intention,” Facing Murray’s powerful aura, Jim rubbed his eyes and continued, “and
we have to be responsible for the shareholders. We have to solve this matter quickly and recover our

Murray tapped his fingers on the desk and his slender legs casually crossed. Although he was sitting,
he gave off an invisible pressure as if he was looking down on all living things.

Murray frowned and looked at Jim, saying, “Jim, I agree with what you said. We have to be

sitting, he gave off an invisible pressure as if he was looking down on all living things.

Murray frowned and looked at Jim, saying, “Jim, I agree with what you said. We have to be responsible
for the shareholders, and we also should solve this matter quickly. But the solution to this problem is
definitely not to expel Melissa.”

“Murray, you…” Being denied by Murray at once, Jim couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Jim wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Murray impatiently, “Jim, I will deal with this
matter myself. There is nothing for you to do here. You can go out first.”

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