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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 Excellent Retaliation (3)

“Nonsense!” Susie bit her lips, and her nails dug into her flesh. She glared at Melissa angrily. “Don’t mix
the two things! Whatever you say, you can’t change the fact that you pushed me into the lake!”

“Susie, you still don’t give up.” Melissa’s eyes turned cold, and she opened what Anthony had sent her.

Melissa clicked on the document, ‘This is the history browsing record in your browser. You have
searched for how to kill people with no one noticing. The most frequently visited is how to push a
person into the water like an accident.”

“No! You frame me!” Susie’s eyes flashed with panic when she saw the browsing records on Melissa’s

The posts Susie had browsed had long been completely cleared. Why would Melissa have Susie’s
browsing record?

How did Melissa get it?

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Susie kept telling herself not to panic. It was impossible to find these records that she had deleted long

Thinking of this, Susie took a deep breath and forced herself to be calm. “These are all forged by you! I
have never browsed through them at all! Melissa, you are so shameless that you wrong me!”

Melissa smiled. “I have already asked Mr. Wood to get your computer. You have deleted the browsing
record, but I’m afraid you don’t know that no matter how well you clean up your computer, the skillful
hacker can still restore it. At that time, you will know whether I’ve wronged you or not.”

“You…” Susie was speechless. She wanted to say something but was interrupted by Melissa.

“Don’t hurry.” Melissa took out a recording pen and shook it, “I believe everyone is more interested in

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It was a recording. Under everyone’s curious gazes, Melissa pressed the play button.

It was the conversation between Susie and Cindy.

“Susie, your father went to gamble again. He lost a lot of money. In the morning, the debtor will come to
ask for the money. When can you pay back the money for your father?” Cindy said loudly.

“Mom, don’t worry. Give me a little more time. After tomorrow, I will be back at the Gibson Corporation.
At that time, I will have the money to pay your debts.” Susie was


“Really?” Cindy seemed suspicious.

Susie said confidently, “Of course! As long as I kill Melissa, I can return to the Gibson Corporation!”

“Are you sure you’ll make it?” Cindy asked.

“I’m quite sure. Tomorrow is my best chance!” Susie said viciously, “Melissa will go to the Lover’s Lake
tomorrow to film an advertisement. As long as I find an opportunity, I’ll push her into the water when no
one is watching. No one will find out. They will only think Melissa fell into the water by accident!”

The reporters present were in an uproar. They thought Melissa pushed Susie into the water, but it
turned out to be the reverse.

Melissa turned off the recording and looked at Susie coldly. “Susie, do you have anything to say?”

When Susie heard this recording, her face turned green and white. She never thought Melissa would
have the call recording of Cindy and her.

“Dear viewers, I believe everyone has seen it. The heated Lover’s Lake incident had a 180-degree
reverse.” The reporters did not forget to interact with the audience.

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“According to the evidence given by Ms. Eugen, it is likely that this matter was

planned by Susie. The truth has to be

investigated by the authorities. Like everyone else, we look forward to the result of fairness and

The comments in the live broadcast room were even more lively.

“Susie, the shameless woman! Why doesn’t

she drown to death?”

“It turns out that we all misunderstood

Melissa. Please forgive us!”

“Melissa is cool. I love her!”

“Melissa is beautiful and kind-hearted. Marry me!”

“Stop dreaming! Melissa is mine!”


Outside the ward, Murray was leisurely sitting on a bench, his deep eyes staring at the computer
screen, the corners of his mouth slightly curved up.

This morning, Murray was going to hand over what Alex had given him yesterday to the police station.
But seeing that Melissa had taken a leave of absence from work, he could not help but secretly follow


Unexpectedly, Melissa came to the hospital

where Susie was.

At the moment, the reporters were having an exclusive interview with Susie, broadcasting how Melissa
hurt Susie.

Melissa directly exposed Susie with evidence so that Susie could not hide.

No wonder Melissa was still calm after being trolled on the Internet yesterday.

It turned out that Melissa had already prepared to kick back, and it was excellent.

Murray’s nominal fiancée suited him more

and more.

The reporter and the audience interacted for a few minutes before pointing the microphone at Susie.
“Ms. Hodgson, may I ask what explanation you have for the recording that Ms. Eugen just played?”

“Fake! It’s fake!” Susie clenched her fists and roared through gritted teeth, “These are all forged by
Melissa! She is framing me!”

At this moment, a cold male voice sounded outside the ward’s door. “Susie, Melissa doesn’t wrong

When Melissa heard this voice, her eyebrows


It was Murray.

Everyone’s eyes could not help but look toward the door.

Murray was dressed in a black high-grade custom-made suit, showing his perfect figure to the fullest.
His handsome face was

cold and angular, and his deep eyes were cold and sharp

Murray walked steadily, and his body emitted an innate aura of a king, causing everything in the
surroundings to be overshadowed. Only he was the focus.

The bullet comments soon occupied the


“Gosh! I finally see Mr. Gibson!”

“I beg you to aim the camera at Murray!”

“Murray, I love you!”



Compared to the excited audience in the live

broadcast room, the reporters present were


After all, it was rumored that Melissa was Murray’s fiancée. However, they criticized Melissa in their
previous report.

“Mr. Gibson, may I know why you are here today?” The entertainment reporter cautiously asked.

Murray strode over to Melissa’s side. He held Melissa’s hand and said in a deep voice, “I am here to
seek justice for my fiancée.”

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