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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 Excellent Retaliation (1)

In the quiet of night, Melissa was reclining on the sofa, staring at the phone screen, on which there
were all kinds of people who scolded her.

There were even some comments that

threatened Melissa to take her life.

Everyone was looking forward to tomorrow’s live broadcast, waiting to hear how the victim Susie would
expose the true face of the vicious woman Melissa.

Melissa smiled and thought, tomorrow? I’m also looking forward to it.

At this moment, Melissa’s phone rang.

She looked down and saw that it was from Anthony

“Ada, I’ve found the information you asked for and sent it to your email,” Anthony said on the other side
of the line.

Melissa nodded in satisfaction, and the

corners of her mouth slightly curved.

“Since Susie dares to offend you, she is looking for death.” Anthony sneered. “Ada, don’t let them get
away with it!”

“Hey! Do I look like a soft-hearted person?” Melissa’s voice was very flat, but it brought along a chill.

“Ada, I believe you!” Anthony exclaimed in a

surprised voice.

Melissa chuckled, “You do know how to joke


After hanging up the phone, Melissa was about to check her email box to see the information that
Anthony had sent her when she heard a clear voice coming from the door, “Who are you calling?”

Melissa looked up and saw Murray leaning against the door frame with a faint smile.

Melissa was stunned. In her memory, she

had closed the door just now.

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She didn’t seem to have said anything that she shouldn’t have.

Melissa sat up straight and asked, “Why are you here? I remember I closed the door.”

“This is my home,” Murray said as he strode into the room and raised the corners of his lips as if it was
a matter of course.

Melissa was speechless.

Murray walked over to Melissa and sat beside her. His legs were casually crossed as he asked, “Did
you notice the trending topic? I heard that Susie will have a live interview tomorrow?”

“That’s what the Internet said,” Melissa said indifferently.

“You’re not afraid?” Murray turned to the side, with his deep eyes staring at Melissa.

“Why should I be afraid when I’m innocent?” Melissa said with a hint of ridicule on her lins. Il The ones
who should be

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afraid are those who lie against their conscience, right?”

“Exactly,” Murray uttered a single word.

If any other woman was facing the same situation, she would have been wronged and scared to the
extreme when she was framed by others.

But Melissa was so calm and composed as if she hadn’t been affected at all.

She was strong mentally.

“Is there anything else? If there’s not, I need to rest.” Melissa was a little impatient to see the
information sent by Anthony, so she asked Murray to leave.

Originally, Murray had wanted to relieve Melissa’s worries about tomorrow’s live broadcast, but now it
seemed that his concern was not needed.

He took a deep look at Melissa, stood up, raised his lips, and said, “Have a good rest.”

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After Murray left, Melissa quickly checked her email box and looked through the information that
Anthony had sent her.

Melissa raised her lips in satisfaction and thought, Susie is such an idiot. Her real intention will be
revealed in tomorrow’s live interview!

Early on the next morning, reporters from various media companies gathered at the entrance of the
hospital early in fear of missing first-hand information.

When it was time to visit, the reporters rushed into the ward.

Other than Susie, who was lying on the bed with a sick face, Claire was also there in the ward visiting

“Hello, thank you all very much for coming today.” Susie looked weak and struggled to get up from the

In front of the media, Claire quickly held Susie straight.

One of the reporters said to the camera, “Hello, everyone. I believe you must be very curious about
what happened between the former employee of the Gibson Corporation, Susie Hodgson, and Melissa
Eugen, who is currently working in the Gibson Corporation. Today, we come to the ward to ask one of
the people that was involved, Susie.”

The reporter first interviewed Claire, “Ms. Gibson, I’ve heard that Melissa is Murray’s fiancée. What do
you think of the matter?”

Claire immediately cleared her throat and clarified, “This is a rumor. Don’t you know what kind of
person Murray is? How could he have such a ruthless fiancée? ‘The Gibson family is noble. How could
we have any connection with the murderer?”

“I see.” The reporters nodded in understanding. They were originally worried that the interview would
offend Murray.

Now that Claire said so, Melissa must have nothing to do with Murray, which relieved

Then the reporters turned to the protagonist of the day, Susie.

“Ms. Hodgson, what exactly happened when you fell into Lover’s Lake that day? Can you tell us? Many
netizens are concerned about


Susie nodded with a pale face and said with red eyes, “Thank you for your concern.”


“On that day, I had an appointment with a friend to go to Lover’s Lake, but my friend had something to
attend to at the last minute. Since I have already gone there, I chose to take a walk around by myself.

“However, I ran into Melissa there. As soon as she saw me, she swore at me and told me to die. I didn’t
even have time to react before she rushed up and pushed me into the water. She even cursed me
when I was drowning!!

Susie wiped her tears and finished saying in —hunath


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The cameras kept flashing and the reporters asked, “Then may I ask you why Melissa did that to you?”

Susie’s beautiful eyes were full of tears. “When I was still working in the Gibson Corporation, Melissa
was always jealous of me and disliked me. I thought that Melissa just disliked me, but I didn’t expect
her to be so brutal. She even tried to kill me by pushing me into the lake!

“I don’t know how to swim at all. I desperately struggled in the water, calling for help, but Melissa was
indifferent on the shore. She even looked at me fiercely and watched me drown!

Claire added, “Indeed. That day, my classmate and I went camping by Lover’s Lake and happened to
see the scene of Melissa pushing Susie into the lake.”

“I didn’t expect that the truth was the same — as everyone had guessed. Ms. Hodgson was

pushed into the water by Melissa on purpose.

We believe that the truth will come to light eventually. As long as one is guilty, he or she will inevitably
be punished. Justice will never be late!” One reporter said.

The reporter’s words attracted a lot of praise from the audience in the live broadcast room. The
audience’s hatred toward Melissa peaked.

When Melissa arrived at the ward, she heard these words just in time.

She walked into the ward with steady steps and looked coldly at Susie who was pretending to be sick
on the bed. She said in a low voice, “Well said, justice will never be late. As long as you commit crimes,
you will be punished accordingly. Susie, do you agree with what I say?”

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