Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 81

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Chapter 81 Melissa Is in Trouble

Sensing a huge force, Adela, who was immersed in her fantasy, fell heavily to the ground.

With the acute pain in her body, Adela met Murray’s cold and icy eyes. She could feel her heart sink bit
by bit and soaked in cold water.

“Murray, why… Why are you so cruel to me?”

“Because you aren’t Lily!” Murray stared at Adela with a cold and distant look, asking, “Do you think I’ll
fall for that?”

“But I am Lily!” Adela shouted, unwilling to give up! |

She struggled to get up from the ground, saying, “Last night, you were drunk and kept calling me Lily.
You said that you loved me and that I was the only woman you loved. You even kissed me and… Have
you forgotten all that?”

Murray’s face turned even more restless. When he glanced at Adela, his eyes couldn’t be colder.

He wondered, Did I regard this woman as Lily last night and do something that I shouldn’t have done?

Of course not!

Murray was very sure that he hadn’t even touched Adela at all.

“Adela, you have hypochondria, right?” Murray stood up and looked down at Adela. Then, he said
expressionlessly, “If you have an illness, you should get it treated as fast as possible. Don’t say
nonsense here.”

“What did you say? Nonsense?” Adela bit her lip, feeling wronged. She reached out and grabbed
Murray, who was about to step out of the house. “Last night, you were with me the whole night.

There was nobody else except for us. You have to be responsible for what you did to me.”

“Let me go,” Murray said coldly.

However, Adela held his arm even tighter.

Murray’s eyes were full of disgust, and he mercilessly shook Adela’s hand off.

Out of habit, he reached for his phone in his pocket and took it out for a look.

His phone had been turned off.

Murray pressed the button to turn it on with his slender fingers. There were many missed calls and

unchecked messages on his phone.

“Mr. Gibson, we are shooting a commercial by Lover’s Lake today. It is almost time to go. Are you
coming?” Chapter 81 Melissa Is in Trouble


“Mr. Gibson, your phone is off. We can’t contact you. We’ll be leaving first.”

Those messages were both from Alex.

Murray raised his hand and looked at the watch on his wrist. It was almost noon.

Originally, he should be going to go to Lover’s Lake with Melissa today to supervise the filming of the
commercial for “Ice and Fire”.

But now…

Murray was kind of upset. He thought, How did I get drunk last night?

Just then, Murray’s phonerang. It was from Alex.

“What’s the matter?” Murray asked in a deep voice after picking up the phone.

“Mr. Gibson, I finally get in contact with you. Ms. Eugen is in trouble.” Alex said from the other end of
the call.

Murray wondered, What happened?

Murray’s eyebrows twitched, and his tone showed his concern and nervousness. “What happened to

“She was accused of pushing Susie into the water by Claire, and she is being taken away by the

police to the police station for a statement,” Alex answered truthfully.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” Murray hung up the phone and walked straight out.

“Murray, where are you going?” Adela shouted from behind him.

Just now, she vaguely heard that Melissa’s and Susie’s names were mentioned on the phone.

Susie should have succeeded by now.

From Murray’s nervous look, something must have happened to Melissa.

It was possible that Melissa had been drowned.

“Wait a minute, Murray,” Adela said with a pleased smile.

However, Murray ignored her and walked out of the Yale’s house.

Adela hurriedly ran after him, “Murray, is there anything urgent? Where are you going? I can drive you
there. It will be faster.”

The Yale’s villa was located at the foot of mountains in the suburbs. It was difficult to take a taxi here,
but Murray was in a hurry to go to the police station to ineet Melissa.

Chapter 81 Melissa Is in Trouble


“Alright.” He muttered.

Now that Murray agreed, Adela couldn’t help feeling happy. She hurriedly brought Murray to the

The two of them got into the car. Then Adela got seated in the driver’s seat and started driving.

She tilted her head and glanced at Murray who made her heart race. “Murray, where are you going?”
she asked fawningly.

“To the police station.” Murray raised his thin lips, with his eyes full of worry.

Adela thought, Police station? Why does he want to go to the police station?

Shouldn’t we be going to Lover’s Lake to collect Melissa’s corpse?

Suppressing the doubts in her heart, Adela drove the car. Under the urging of Murray, she drove past
several red lights in succession and sped all the way to the police station.

As soon as the car stopped, Murray impatiently opened the door, stepped out of the car with his long
legs, and walked straight into the police station.

“Mr. Gibson, you’re here.” Alex was at the police station, anxiously waiting for Murray.

“Where’s Melissa?” Murray looked around but did not see Melissa anywhere, so he asked in a low


Chapter 81 Melissa Is in Trouble


Chapter 82 She Has a Date With Jaylin

As soon as Murray spoke, the entire hall of the police station immediately fell silent.

In Aldness, there was almost no one who couldn’t recognize Murray.

He was the head of the Gibson family, a wealthy dignified family in Aldness. And he was the president
of the Gibson Corporation. He was a legendary figure and a myth to common people.

Alex looked in the direction of the confession room and answered carefully, “Melissa and Claire are
being inquired about.”

Murray had always been a calm and composed person under all sorts of circumstances. This was

the first time that Alex had ever seen him being so worried.

It seemed that Melissa meant a lot to Murray.

“Let’s go and take a look,” Murray said calmly.

Adela, who was standing behind Murray, heard the words and felt stunned.

She thought, What? Melissa and Claire are being inquired?

How is that possible?

Since Melissa could make a statement, is she alright?||

What has Susie done? How did she miss such a great opportunity to kill Melissa?

“Mr. Gibson, this way please.” The chief constable came over personally and greeted Murray

Murray took steady steps and walked to the door of the confessing room, only to see Melissa sitting

there with a calm face.

There was a policewoman sitting in front of Melissa, recording her statement,

“Melissa.” Murray strode in with his long legs, and a trace of concern flashed through his eyes. He
asked gently, “Are you okay?”

Melissa looked up. Her gaze skipped Murray and fell on Adela who was standing behind him.

Thus, Melissa was sure that Murray had spent the last night with Adela.

She felt some slight pain in her heart.

“What? Do you expect something bad to happen to me?” Melissa mocked as she retracted her gaze.

Murray was startled.

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