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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 Drink Spirits

“Keep it.” Adela took out a stack of cash from her wallet and gave it
to Susie. “As long as you do a good job, I will send you back to the Gibson Corporation.”

“Really?” Susie was excited.

Adela nodded, “Of course. Isn‘t it all because of Melissa? As long as she disappears, Murray will think
about you. After all, you had worked in the Gibson Corporation for so many years. You can go back ther
e if I praise you.”

Susie took the money and gritted her teeth. “That‘s right. Ms. Yale, don‘t worry. Melissa will

disappear tomorrow.”

With great hatred, Susie couldn‘t wait to kill Melissa.

She was willing to do anything to revenge herself on Melissa!

“I’m looking forward to that.” Adela smiled.

Adela believed that she always had ways to deal with Melissa, even not in person.

She would be Murray‘s wife as long as Melissa disappeared!

When Susie left, Adela sent a message to Claire. “9 a.m. tomorrow, something will happen at the Lover‘
s Lake.”

Adela knew that Claire did not like Melissa, either. If Susie failed, Claire would help her.

Adela thought, Melissa, you‘re done.

Adela got everything prepared and went shopping with Julie.

Thinking Melissa would disappear tomorrow, Adela was excited and bought many things she liked.

It was getting late.

“Adela, shall we go back?” Julie followed Adela and took the shopping bags for her.

“What‘s the hurry?” Adela asked. Before they left, Adela bought several new–arrival bags.

When she got in the car, she saw a Rolls–Royce.

“Isn‘t it Murray‘s car?”

Since the day she asked him to take her to the Gibson Corporation, she had never seen Murray.

Adela was waiting for a chance to meet him. What a coincidence that she saw his car! It seemed that

Murray was driving to the suburb.

“Follow that car, hurry up,” Adela said to the driver!

“Yes.” The driver replied.

Murray was driving to the suburbs. Julie was confused and asked, “Adela, where is Mr. Gibson


Adela stared at the man sitting in the car.

Even though he was distant from her, Adela could feel that he was cold.

“What day is it today?” Adela suddenly had an idea.

“It‘s the fifth day of June.” Julie was still confused.

“Maybe today is the anniversary of his father‘s death, “Adela muttered.

She once heard her brother say that Murray would pray at the tomb of his father every year.

At the cemetery.

Murray parked the car. Following the zigzag roads, he came to the top of the mountain.

There was a solemn tombstone at the center.

It was the tombstone of Kean Gibson, Murray’s father.

Murray knelt down in front of the tomb, holding his back straight. He stared at the man in the photo, wh
o looked similar to him.

“Dad, I‘m here.” Murray looked serious and a bit tired.

Kean died from an accident when Murray was fifteen.

That year, Kean encountered a storm when he was on a cruise ship. The ship sank and Kean


Marc had searched for seven days.

Unfortunately, what he found was Kean‘s corpse.

Everyone believed that it was an accident, but Murray did not think so.

Kean‘s cruise ship was produced by the world‘s top factory. It could withstand storms. Even though the
wind was strong that day, the cruise ship would not sink easily.

Moreover, Kean was good at both driving the cruise ship and swimming. There were several islands in t
he area. He could survive even if the ship sank. With his outstanding swimming skills, he could swim to
the islands. How could he drown?

Marc was also skeptical about that. But he found no evidence after investigating all the relevant


From then on, Murray started to shoulder the heavy burden from the Gibson Corporation, though Kean w

Murray poured two glasses of spirits and sprinkled one of them in front
of the tombstone. His handsome face was full of sadness and gloom. “Dad, a toast to you.

“Dad, I know it wasn‘t an accident at all. Don‘t worry, I will find out the truth. I won‘t allow you to die for n

Then it rained.

Murray got wet as rain fell down his hair. But he cared little about that. He was still kneeling, drinking gla

The spirits were strong. Murray gradually got a bit drunk. He leaned against the tombstone and gently
stroked the photo of Kean on the tombstone

He told Kean.

“Dad, do you know? I haven‘t found Lily. It‘s been so many years … Grandpa found a wife for me. Her n

When Adela climbed to the top of the mountain with an umbrella, she saw Murray.

Murray was sitting on the ground in the rain, leaning against the tombstone. He got drunk and looked sa

“Murray, are you all right? You got wet.” Adela walked to him and placed the umbrella above him.

But Murray ignored her and picked up the bottle to drink.

“Murray, stop. You‘re drunk!” Adela grabbed the bottle.

Murray looked up and saw a pretty woman look at him with concern.

“Lily?” Murray was drunk and he could not recognize the woman. But he believed that it was Lily. He bel


Adela had never heard of the name before. So she

“Who is Lily?”

She wondered, Could it be Melissa? But it‘s not likely..

Adela leaned down and supported Murray. “Murray, you are drunk. I will drive you back.”

“Lily…” Murray was dazed and he called her again.

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