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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 An Accident in the Shooting

“According to the theme of ‘Ice and Fire’, you need to show your grace and passion simultaneously, but
I didn’t see your grace in the previous performance. Maybe you can work harder on it,” Melissa
explained calmly.

“I don’t think so,” Alayna said with her face darkened, showing her dissatisfaction, “Ms. Eugen, do you
know what is shooting? Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t.”

How could Melissa criticize her in front of others?

Melissa was merely a secretary, while Alayna was Bruce’s girlfriend.

It seemed that Alayna refused to take her advice. Melissa could not help but smile, “I know the
responsibility of a spokeswoman is to publicize the product. If Ms. Nash couldn’t make it, I would find
someone else.”

“You!” Alayna’s expression immediately changed. She did not expect Melissa to treat her like that.

Alayna looked at Bruce with the grievance, “Honey, did I really perform poorly?”

Bruce stood up and walked towards Alayna. He said to Alayna with his deep blue eyes, “Ms. Eugen
was right. You should take her advice. Let’s shoot it again.”


Alayna was stunned. She thought that Bruce would stand up for her and teach Melissa a lesson.
However, he didn’t.

Alayna found it strange but didn’t show any emotion. She said with a forced smile, “Alright, let’s shoot it

However, Melissa could not see the grace of Alayna no matter how hard Alayna had tried.

“Stop!” Melissa stopped the shooting several times, giving Alayna her advice patiently.

However, Alayna refused to take Melissa’s advice and performed more poorly.

Melissa’s pretty eyes gradually turned cold. She pulled Alayna away and acted it by herself to show
Alayna how to do it.

“You should lower your head a little and raise your hand a little. You have to pay attention to your eye
contact to show your nobility,” Melissa stood beside Jaylin and placed her left hand on his shoulder,
showing her grace and passion.

“Yes, that is what I want.” The photographer snapped his fingers and praised Melissa for her

Melissa and Jaylin looked perfect together.

Murray, sitting silently at the side, suddenly stood up. His gaze was as cold as ice.

Everyone could feel his coldness when he passed by.

Murray walked straight to the shooting platform and pulled Jaylin away. He stood beside Melissa and
said coldly, “Let me do it!”

“What?” Melissa looked at Murray in surprise.

What’s wrong with him?

Murray glanced at Melissa coldly, “I’ll show Jaylin how to act it.”

He smiled coldly. How could Melissa provoke him like that? Murray wouldn’t allow her to flirt with

Jaylin in front of him.

They did it in the name of work.

How could Melissa ignore his feelings?

Melissa was lost for words.

She wondered why Murray insisted on demonstrating it by himself.

Jaylin was also lost for words.

After all, Jaylin was a famous actor. He didn’t need Murray to show him how to do it.

However, Murray looked great while standing on the shooting platform. Everyone was attracted to him.

“Perfect!” The photographer’s eyes flashed with amazement. Compared to Jaylin, Murray and Melissa
looked even more perfect together. He could not help but marvel at that.

“Alright, Murray. It is Alayna and Jaylin’s shooting,” Melissa said with her eyebrows raised when she
noticed that Alayna was angry and Jaylin was unhappy.

Melissa was about to step down when suddenly, the light above violently flashed.

Melissa immediately looked up and saw that the glass lamp on the ceiling was about to fall toward her.

“Watch out!” Murray, Jaylin, and Bruce shouted at the same time.

Murray immediately hugged Melissa by her slender waist. They fell to the ground when Melissa

was still in his arms.

Melissa felt dizzy after falling to the ground with Murray.

At the same time, the glass lamp fell to the ground and shattered with a loud noise.

Melissa’s leg was cut by a piece of glass, and her white dress was tainted with blood.

“Are you alright?” Murray said worriedly and carried Melissa, “I’ll send you to the hospital.”

Melissa struggled and said, “Put me down.”

“Don’t move!” Murray said seriously, “You’re injured!”

Then everyone saw Murray carrying Melissa and walked out of the studio.

Melissa’s face turned red as she hugged Murray tightly.

Murray’s arms were so strong that Melissa felt safe and warm. They were so close to each other that
Melissa could sense Murray’s temperature and hear his heartbeats.

Adela glared at Melissa when they arrived at the studio entrance.

Melissa deliberately leaned against Murray’s chest and circled his neck.

“Murray, where are you going?” Adela asked Murray. She knew what had happened because she had
been standing at the studio entrance all the time.

Adela felt overjoyed when the glass lamp was about to fall down upon Melissa. If Melissa was hit by the
lamp, she would be badly injured. However, Adela didn’t expect Murray to save Melissa.

Moreover, Murray was hugging Melissa tightly.

Adela was so jealous of Melissa that she wanted to pull Murray back. She immediately stopped when
Murray looked at her coldly.

Murray carried Melissa to the car and was about to drive to the hospital when Melissa stopped him, “I’m
fine. I didn’t hurt badly. I can handle it myself.”

Murray insisted, “You should go to the hospital for a check.”

Melissa could not persuade him but agreed on that.

The doctor checked Melissa and said, “It is just a small cut. The ointment will help you recover in a few

“Thank you,” Melissa smiled. Murray shouldn’t have sent her to the hospital.

“What a relief,” Murray finally relieved with his expression softened.

“Don’t go back to work today. I’ll send you back to have a good rest,” Murray carried Melissa into the
car again. He looked at her with a tender gaze as Melissa didn’t refuse it.

He lowered his head and helped Melissa fasten her seat belt. Just as Murray was about to start the car,
Melissa suddenly said, “Murray, do you think it was just an accident?”

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