Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 Aunt Flo Is Visiting

Murray’s handsome face distorted. What is Melissa doing? Why is she … flirting with Jaylin?

“Melissa, what are you doing?” Murray asked with a stony expression.

Melissa pushed Jaylin away. She turned around and met Murray’s cold gaze. She plastered a fake
smile, “Nothing. I’m asking Mr. Segar for an autograph.”

“Really?” Murray frowned as he glared at Jaylin. He did not believe Melissa’s words.

Jaylin was expressionless, but he looked at Murray strangely.

“Of course.” With a strained smile, Melissa grabbed Murray’s arm and said, “Let’s go back.”

Looking at Melissa and Murray leaving together, Jaylin was filled with frustration and sadness. Why did
Melissa choose Murray? Murray had a girl in his heart for years. He won’t love Melissa! Let alone treat
Melissa well. One day, Melissa will understand only he truly loves her.

Melissa held Murray’s arm and returned to the private room.

“You know Jaylin?” Murray’s face was gloomy and his probing gaze fell on Melissa’s face.

Trying to react as usual, Melissa smiled, “Who doesn’t know Mr. Segar? And you just introduced him to
me, didn’t you?”

“Well…is that so?” Murray narrowed his eyes slightly.

Murray could tell the intimated atmosphere between Melissa and Jaylin. Obviously, it was not just
asking for an autograph. Murray heard Jaylin pursuing a girl for years. That girl was Jaylin’s boss and
was pretty wealthy from a noble family. It is impossible for him to have a crush on others. So…it was

Melissa who tried to seduce Jaylin? Is it really as Claire said that Melissa is a gold digger? Murray
knitted brows, but…

“Sure. I almost got his autograph. If you hadn’t shown up, he would have already sign for me.” Staring
at Murray’s gloomy face, Melissa explained guiltily, “You should help me ask him for an autograph next

Murray glanced at her and did not say more.

The atmosphere was slightly embarrassing.

Melissa lowered her head and ate silently, but suddenly a sting spread in her tummy.

“What’s wrong?” Murray found Melissa’s face pale.

“My stomach hurts…” Melissa stood up and said weakly. It stung so much nearly killing her.


“Are you okay? I take you to the hospital.” Murray’s sounds shivered and his eyes were full of

concern. He rushed to Melissa.

Trying to suppress the pain, Melissa’s fingers dipped into the tablecloth. She wondered if it was
because of the period pains. A familiar warm flowed through her; she must be on the period. But she
has never been so uncomfortable before…

“I…” Before Melissa could say something, she went limp and blacked out.

“Melissa, Melissa! What happened?” Murray reached out to hold Melissa, his voice trembling.

He hurriedly carried Melissa to the sofa and suddenly found some blood on her dress.

“Why is there blood? Did she get injured?

She was fine just now. How could she suddenly get injured?”

Murray was shocked. He immediately took out his phone and dialed a number. “The sushi

restaurant, come in five minutes!”

Murray called his childhood friend, Anton Hotton. The Hotton was a traditional doctor family. The Hotton
and Gibson have had a close relationship for decades. Among all those respectable doctors, Anton
was the best. He inherited his family’s hospital at a very young age.

When Anton received Murray’s call, he was flirting with a beautiful actress in a bar. Noticing that Murray
was anxious, he asked anxiously, “What’s wrong, Mr. Gibson? Are you sick? Why are you in such a

“Don’t talk nonsense. Come here!” Murray talked impatiently.

“Alright, alright. I’ll be there soon.” Anton guessed that something bad had happened to Murray and
rushed to the restaurant.

“Here! She’s injured!” Seeing that Anton had arrived, Murray shouted.

Anton was surprised when he saw Murray hugging Melissa into his chest. He had never seen Murray
so worried about a woman.

“Who is she?” Anton asked; he craved some juicy gossip. “You’re so nervous. Is she Lily?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. She is Melissa.” Murray glanced at him coldly.

“Melissa?” Anton exclaimed, “Your nominal fiancée? The one you were forced by your grandfather to
be engaged to? You said you don’t like her. Why are you so nervous…”

“Cut the crap. Hurry up and check on her.” Murray glanced over coldly, his finger pointing at the blood
on Melissa’s dress as he repeated, “She’s injured.”

“Injured?” Anton looked suspiciously at the blood on Melissa’s dress. He could not help but laugh after
he checked her out, “Look at how nervous you are. It’s nothing. Aunt Flo is visiting.”

“What? Aunt Flo?” Murray was stunned.

Anton smiled and explained, “You know, the period.”

Murray finally understood.

“Then why did she faint?” Murray asked anxiously.

Anton glanced at the dishes on the table and figured out, “She has low blood sugar, probably due to
her irregular diet and overworking. She will be fine after resting a bit.”

Murray nodded with a stern face, regretting forcing her to stay and work overtime.

When Melissa woke up, she was in Murray’s room in Moonlight Mansion.

In a daze, she opened her eyes, seeing Murray’s handsome face.

“You’re awake?” Murray stared at her worriedly.

Melissa rubbed her eyes. “Aren’t we having dinner? What happened to me?”

Melissa rubbed her eyes. “I remember we are having dinner… Then what happened to me?”

“You fainted.” Murray’s expression was unreadable. He murmured, “You, you are…” “What?” Melissa
frowned, recalling why she fainted. It was when she was eating with Murray in the restaurant, her

tummy stung sharply…

“Right! The cramps. I’m on my period.”

Melissa looked down and realized she was not wearing the same dress before she fainted. Jesus,
Murray changed her clothes?

She was shocked.

Murray had no idea what Melissa was thinking. He stood up to tuck in her when she suddenly sat up.
“Bang!” she bumped into him.

Heading up, her lips were just one inch in front of his. She could smell the minty scent on his breath.

One side of her dress slipped off her shoulder. Her beautiful collarbone and deep cleavage fell into his
eyes. She was just under his eyelashes; her gesture was like asking for a kiss.

He suddenly felt so hot, a wave of lust suddenly running through his body. She was baiting him.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked.

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