Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 Meet an Old Friend in Restaurant

Due to Murray’s gloomy face and undeniable tone, Melissa finally compromised, “Alright then, you are
the boss. You have the final say.”

After all, she was now an employee of the Gibson Corporation, and Murray was the boss. Since the

boss asked her to stay and work tonight, as an employee with professional responsibility, she had to
follow his order.

Coming out of the president’s office, Melissa called Harley and told him that something came up and
she would not be able to meet him tonight.

Harley sounded disappointed, “Meli, you told me just now that you would come! What do you mean by
something came up?”

“I’m really sorry, Harley. I have something urgent to deal with. Let me treat you to dinner next time.”
Melissa was also upset. If it wasn’t for Murray, that evil-minded man, she would not have to work

After returning to her seat, Melissa began revising the proposal whole-heartedly.

Just as she got started, Murray’s call interrupted her again.

“What’s it?” Melissa picked up the phone and asked.

Murray’s deep voice came from the phone. “You said you will show me the minutes, didn’t you? I’ve
been waiting for you for half an hour.”

Seriously? Only half an hour, and he was rushing her again.

What was wrong with this man? Why was he constantly disturbing her recently?

Melissa complained in her mind and said grumpily, “I haven’t finished.”


“Is this how efficient you are?” Murray’s voice was cold and somewhat impatient.

With an effort, Melissa contained her irritation and said, “After the minutes and the proposal were done,
I’ll show them to you at once.”

“Great.” Murray pursed his lips and spat out a word.

Soon it was time to get off work, but Melissa was still busy working.

Melissa completed the minutes and finished the revision of the proposal. After everything looked good,
she took the two documents and headed to the president’s office.

“Are you done?” Seeing Melissa walk in, Murray looked up and glanced drily at her.

Melissa nodded. She walked up to Murray and handed the two documents over to him.

Murray’s eyes ran over the minutes and asked carelessly, “Aren’t you going to explain the details to


“I’ve already written them clearly. The theme of the meeting is to discuss the mass production of ‘Ice
and Fire’, as well as the follow-ups.” Melissa pointed at the minutes and explained to Murray

item by item.

Murray was absolutely intentional, Melissa thought. She still remembered that Adela came to Murray a
few days ago with the Yale Corporation’s cooperation proposal.

Without even looking at it, Murray simply asked Adela to put it down and said he would read it later

Melissa wondered why Murray ask her to explain every detail, even every word of the document.

Was this man still brooding over being accidentally kicked by her yesterday?

What a stingy man!

Melissa cursed in her mind.

After explaining the minutes, Melissa opened the proposal. When she was going to explain it to Murray,
he suddenly interrupted her.

“Have you had dinner?” Murray asked expressionlessly.

“No.” Melissa shook her head. She had been busy the entire afternoon, and there was obviously no

time for dinner.

“Let’s go,” Murray stood up and looked down at her.

“Where?” Melissa was surprised.

“Restaurant, of course,” Murray said drily.

He was not happy with Melissa paying so much attention to her work while neglecting her heath.

Murray put his suit jacket on and walked towards the door.

“Your treat?” Melissa hurriedly followed.

“Apparently.” Murray frowned.

“Why are you so nice to me now?” Melissa asked suspiciously.

Murray paused and looked back at her. “Am I an unreasonable boss to you?”

Melissa would really like to answer “yes”, but when she raised her eyes, she met Murray’s cold deep
gaze, then she decided to hold back her words.

Murray drove his car and took Melissa to a high-end sushi restaurant.

“Mr. Gibson, welcome.” When the restaurant manager saw Murray, he welcomed him warmly.

Murray had an exclusive private room in this restaurant.

Sometimes when he worked until late at night, he would come here for supper, and sometimes he
would bring clients here.

This was the first time Murray had brought a woman over.

The restaurant manager’s eyes ran over Melissa multiple times. Seeing her perfect figure, fair skin,
beautiful eyes, and charming smiles of her, he could not help but thought, Indeed a peerless beauty
she is.

Noticing that the restaurant manager was staring at Melissa, Murray frowned and looked at him coldly.
The restaurant manager shivered and turned his eyes away immediately.

“Mr. Gibson, this way please.” The restaurant manager attentively brought Murray and Melissa to the
top floor.

The elevator door opened. Melissa was about to walk out when a tall and slender figure entered her
field of vision, and it was so familiar.


The leading male star of Star Entertainment, who was also … her admirer.

Why was he here?

Melissa was a little surprised, but before she said anything, she heard Murray’s low, attractive


“Jay, what a coincidence.”

A smile appeared on Jaylin’s handsome face. He took a deep look at Melissa, then turned his eyes to
Murray and nodded, “What a coincidence.”

“Shouldn’t you be filming in Hollywood right now? When did you come back?” Murray asked.

The Segar family and the Gibson family used to be neighbors. Jaylin and Murray were childhood
friends and they got along pretty well.

The core business of the Segar family was entertainment and filming business. Two years ago, Jaylin
entered the showbiz. His handsome appearance, noble and somewhat melancholy temperament
gained great popularity among the female audience, especially young girls, and he soon became one
of the hottest male stars.

Especially in recent years, the momentum of his development was unstoppable. He had won several
international awards in a row and become the well-deserved best actor.

“Just lately.” Jaylin moved his thin lips slightly, his deep gaze involuntarily falling on Melissa again.

Murray frowned, “Let me introduce her. This is Melissa, my fiancée.”

“Fiancée?” Surprise and a bit of complexity flashed across Jaylin’s face.

The rumor was true then.

But Jaylin was still unwilling to believe that Melissa was Murray’s fiancée.

“This is my friend, Jaylin,” Murray introduced to Melissa.

Melissa nodded and smiled, “I’ve heard about you many times already.”

Melissa maintained her composure on her face, but she was actually astonished.

She wondered, Shouldn’t Jaylin be filming in England now?

When did he come back?

Murray greeted Jaylin just now. Looks like they know each other well.

Did Jaylin tell Murray anything about me?

Is my cover … going to be blown?

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