Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 50

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Play Innocent

With a clang, the thermos in Claire’s hand fell to the ground too. The breakfast inside was knocked
over and spilled all over the ground.

Melissa was baffled and thought, When did I push Claire?

She just fell to the ground herself.

“What’s the matter?” Murray heard the noise and walked out of the study.

As soon as Claire saw Murray, her face turned pale and her eyes burst out tears all of a sudden,

“Murray, Meli pushed me so hard. I’m hurt!”

It turned out that Claire deliberately fell to frame Melissa in front of Murray.

“Did I push you?” Melissa sneered.

Claire looked at Murray with a feeble, innocent, and considerate expression, “Murray, don’t blame Meli.
Last time, it was Sarah who asked me to move Meli’s things to the maid’s room. It is Meli’s right to be
angry with me.”

It seems that Claire is changing her style and starting to play innocent, the two-side bitch, Melissa

Claire called Melissa Meli, which made Melissa feel sick. Melissa sneered, “Don’t call me Meli. You can
see me as your cousin-in-law if you want.”

Cousin-in-law? Claire felt jealousy in her heart.

However, she pretended to be innocent and harmless, “Meli, I know you hate me, but I’m living in their
house. I don’t dare to disobey what Sarah asks me to do.”

Claire kept speaking, “Meli, I don’t want to do that. Meli, you can be angry with me. You can hit me,
scold me, or push me down. But … this breakfast was made by Sarah herself for Murray to eat. Now
you have knocked it over. How can I explain it to Sarah and Murray?”

“Claire, you are so good at acting. Why don’t you be an actor? The whole world owes you an Oscar
award.” Melissa sneered calmly and looked coldly at Claire, who was putting on an act.

“Meli, what are you saying?” Claire acted as if being extremely wronged. She looked at Murray and
said, “Murray, that was the breakfast Sarah made for you. She was afraid that you would be too tired
from working, so she asked me to send it to you. Now, it has all been scattered by Meli…”

Before Claire could finish her speaking, Murray interrupted her impatiently, “Alright, Claire, do you think
I am blind?”

“Murray, you…” Claire was stunned.

“I saw what happened just now. Melissa didn’t even touch you.” Murray frowned and said.

However, he did not see anything, but his intuition told him that Melissa was not such a bad person.

On contrary, Claire had learned about the scheme after staying with his mother all these years.

“I … Murray, it’s not the case…” Claire did not expect Murray would say that. He should not have seen
it with his angle just now!

Murray interrupted Claire without hesitation and said in a low voice, “Don’t spend your time on these
tricks. Spend more time on studying, okay?”

Seeing Claire with such a disbelief expression, Melissa praised Murray a lot in her heart but said
indifferently, “Alright, since everything is clear, then I’m going to work now.”

After that, Melissa turned around and left.

Looking at Melissa’s back, Claire was discontented, “Murray, you know Sarah does not like her, why…”

“As long as Grandpa likes her.” Murray glanced at Claire coldly, “I hope this will be the last time. Don’t
look for trouble with Melissa anymore, understand?”

“Just because of Grandpa?” Claire looked up at Murray and asked, “What about you, Murray? Do you
like her?”

“It has nothing to do with you.” Murray narrowed his eyes and said coldly.

His cold and distant expression made Claire’s heart sink.

She hoped that Murray did not like Melissa at all and it was only because of his grandfather that he
accepted Melissa as his fiancée.

But … just now, Murray looked at Melissa with a doting gaze.

Claire had never seen such a gaze before.

“Is there anything else?” Seeing Claire standing there in a daze, Murray asked with a frown.

Claire came back to her senses. Her eyes suddenly fell on the gauze on Murray’s right hand. She
asked with concern, “Murray, what happened to your hand?”

“It’s nothing, just a small injury.” Murray was expressionless.

“Injury? How could you be injured? Is it serious?” Claire sounded nervous and worried.

Claire thought, How did Murray get injured all of a sudden? No wonder he asked for leave today.

But why was he injured? Was it related to Melissa?

“It’s fine.” Murray pursed his thin lips and warned her in a low voice, “Don’t tell my mother,”

“I won’t let Sarah know.” Claire nodded, not forgetting to slander Melissa, “Murray, you are injured. Why
didn’t Melissa stay and take care of you? What is more important than you?”

“She has something to do at the company,” Murray said, his eyes darkened.

“Murray, why don’t you let me stay and take care of you?” Claire’s tone carried some anticipation.

“No need. I still have things to do. You can go back.” Murray refused and coldly ordered.

After that, Murray turned to the study, leaving only a cold and distant back to Claire.

On the ground, there was still the breakfast she made by herself.

Claire’s enthusiasm was damped down as if being poured a bucket of cold water.

She thought, All of this was due to Melissa!

I must find a way to drive her away!

It was already half-past ten when Melissa arrived at the company. She turned on her computer and
continued to check the form that she had not finished checking last night.

While she was concentrating on her work, her phone suddenly rang.

She looked down at the phone. It was Bruce.

Melissa picked up the phone, “Hello, Mr. Bailey. I’m Melissa.”

“Hello, Ms. Eugen!” Bruce’s voice came from the phone, with a bit of eagerness, “Regarding the ‘Ice
and Fire’ series, when can it go public? We want to know the plan for mass production. I wonder when
Ms. Eugen will be free?”

“Okay, I will be free in the afternoon.” Melissa looked at the computer screen. In the afternoon, she
should be able to check things out and give out a proposal.

“Okay, see you in the afternoon!” Bruce was satisfied and hung up the phone.

Melissa’s design of “Ice and Fire” yesterday was so amazing and it made Bruce eager to make it
public. He believed that it would achieve unprecedented sales goals.

And he thought that Melissa … was quite interesting.

At three in the afternoon, Bruce and his assistant arrived at the Gibson Corporation on time.

Melissa had already prepared everything. She said with a smile on her face, “Mr. Bailey, there is the

Melissa had already prepared everything. She said with a smile on her face, “Mr. Bailey, there is the
proposal for the ‘Ice and Fire’ series. Let’s go to the conference room to talk.”


They arrived at the meeting room. Just as they sat down and Melissa was about to turn on her
computer, they heard the click of footsteps.

The door of the conference room was pushed open with a bang.

Melissa frowned and thought, Who behaves so rude?

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