Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 39

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A Good Show

A week passed quickly and this week was unexpectedly peaceful.

Adela did not appear in the Gibson Corporation again, and Susie did not bother Melissa again.

However, Melissa knew that things could not be so simple.

There were often undercurrents behind the peaceful life.

It was the day when Mr. Bailey of Lady Vogue came to the Gibson Corporation.

As the person in charge of the Lady Vogue project, Melissa was arranged to pick up them at the airport

Melissa checked the information for the afternoon meeting with lady fashion before leaving,

After making sure everything, Melissa stood up and set off to the airport.

When she was about to reach the elevator, the elevator was about to close. Melissa hurriedly ran over
and shouted, “Wait for me!”

Just as the elevator door was about to close, a tall and straight figure walked over from the side. He

stretched out his foot and helped Melissa block the elevator door.

“Thank you…” When Melissa saw who it was, she was stunned.


It was Murray.

Why was he here?

How could he even help her block the elevator door?

His tall figure stood in front of her. Seeing Melissa’s surprised expression, he said with a heavy gaze,
“Why aren’t you going in?”

“Oh, thank you,” Melissa smiled.

Murray followed Melissa into the elevator

“I’ll go to the airport with you,” As if he had seen through Melissa’s question, Murray spoke with a calm

“I’ll go,” Melissa was a little surprised.

How could Murray personally go to the airport?

He was the president who had a lot of work to do every day.

Murray folded his hands in his pockets and stood straight beside Melissa, giving people an

inexplicable sense of oppression.

He turned his head to look at Melissa with a meaningful look in his eyes, “Mr. Bailey of lady fashion

is my friend. Of course, I have to go personally to show my sincerity.”

With his friendship with Bruce, Murray didn’t need to pick up him personally.

But for some reason, Murray involuntarily decided to go after learning that Melissa was going to

pick up Bruce.

Melissa nodded and said nothing more. The two took the elevator directly to the garage.

Murray was driving a Rolls-Royce today. He opened the door and motioned for Melissa to get in.

“Thank you!” Melissa sat in the passenger seat and did not forget to fasten her seat belt.

Murray started the car and held the steering wheel tightly with his slender hands, “How are the
preparations for the meeting with Lady Vogue in the afternoon?”.

Melissa pursed her lips with a firm tone, “Everything is going to be perfect.”

She understood that today’s meeting would not be simple. She was afraid that there was a big show

waiting for her.

She was looking forward to the big show.

An hour later, they arrived at the airport.

Melissa looked down at the time. There were still ten minutes before Bruce’s arrival.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” Melissa told Murray.

Murray nodded slightly.

Melissa sent a message in the bathroom, “How is it going?”

Soon she received a reply, “Everything went well.”

Melissa raised a smile. It seemed that the big show in the afternoon would be exciting and everything
was in her control.

When Melissa returned to the hall, Bruce had already gotten off the plane.

Bruce was a man in his thirties, tall and burly, with brown hair and light-colored eyes. He had a typical
France en face.

“Hi, Murray!” When Bruce saw Murray, he warmly welcomed him.

“Long time no see,” Murray maintained his cold and aloof appearance.

Melissa walked forward with a polite smile on her face and greeted Bruce in France en, “Hello, Mr.

“Who is this beautiful lady?” Bruce looked at Melissa with a face full of smiles, his blue eves

flashing with amazement.

Murray frowned and introduced to Bruce, “This is my Secretary Melissa and she is in charge of this
cooperation project.”

It was out of Murray’s expectations once again because Melissa was able to speak France en.

This fiancée of his was not only not a bumpkin but also an outstanding lady.

She was excellent enough to attract everyone’s attention, just like Bruce now.

Bruce stretched out his arms exaggeratedly to hug Melissa, “Ms. Eugen is very beautiful, have we met
somewhere before?”

Melissa just reached out and politely shook hands with Bruce, “Mr. Bailey, you are joking. People
always think foreigners all look the same, so it is reasonable for you to think I look familiar.”

She had met Bruce once.

Previously, when Melissa and her grandfather were traveling in France , they had seen Bruce at a
banquet, but at that time, she was still a fifteen-year-old little girl..

Fortunately, Bruce did not recognize her now, and she did not want to be exposed so quickly.

She brought Bruce and his assistant back to the Gibson Corporation. At two o’clock, the meeting of

the Lady Vogue project officially began.

This time Melissa prepared fine slides.


Although Bruce could speak Chinese, Melissa still gave a brilliant speech in France en and introduced
the progress of the entire project. The representative of France, including Bruce, nodded repeatedly
and showed admiration.

Seeing Melissa once again shine brightly, Susie flashed with a trace of jealousy, and her hands
clenched tightly.

She thought, Melissa, just you wait, the show is about to start!

“Let’s see how long you can be proud of yourself. This time, just wait to be swept out!”

After the speech, Melissa received warm applause. Even Murray gave a generous round of applause.

Melissa smiled faintly, “Next, let’s take a look at the specifics of this issue.”

After saying that, Melissa took the folder and took out the design drawing.

The next second, when Melissa saw the design drawing in his hand, her expression changed suddenly

Everyone there sucked in a breath of cold air.

Because what Melissa took out from the information bag was a few pieces of white paper!

Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, Susie was the first to speak up, “Melissa, what are you doing?”

As the person in charge of the project, the information this time was brought to the conference hall after
Melissa looked over it.

Now, the design was gone. With a few pieces of white paper, Melissa must take responsibility.

In such an important project meeting, Melissa would be fired based on such a low-level mistake,
according to Murray’s usual iron-blooded means.

She secretly glanced at Murray.

Sure enough, Murray was covered with a serious expression. His tightly pursed lips showed his
extreme displeasure.

Susie flashed a hint of pride. She raised her voice and continued to question Melissa, “As the project
manager, how can you lose the design drawing? How dare you take a few pieces of white paper to
deceive us? We Secretary Department will never allow an irresponsible person like you!”

“What’s going on?” Murray looked displeased as he glanced at Melissa indifferently.

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