Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 36

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Who Is Lily?



Who was Lily?

“Murray, enough! Let go of me. You hurt me! Who is Lily? You’re talking nonsense!” Melissa was
furious and tried to wriggle out of his grip.

Melissa’s annoying attitude totally broke Murray’s illusion like a flood extinguishing the fire in his


Murray’s expression turned gloomy. Melissa was not Lily. Lily would not gaze at him like this, with such
deep disdain.

He loosed his hands, sat up straight, and leaned back against the chair.

“Why do you have my button?” He took the button back from her.

Melissa rubbed the bruise on her wrist which was hurt from his grip. She snapped, “last night, you were
too drunk to walk and laid down on the ground like a baby. When I moved you back to your

room, I accidentally pulled off the button.”

“So you were the one who sent me back to my room last night?” Murray raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, but then Claire saw you and volunteered to drag you back. You two have a good relationship,”
Melissa scoffed with a weird tone, hoping that Murray would understand the implication beyond her


Murray didn’t catch Melissa’s implication. His love of life is Lily and he will only love Lily for the rest of
his life. Claire for him is only a sister, who had never been put out of his friend zone.

But last night was so vivid, which resurfaced in his brain. Even though he was drunk, he was sure he
saw Lily. He held her hand and spoke to her. Lily even gently told him not to lie on the ground and pull
him up.

Everything was unprecedentedly real. According to Melissa’s claim, that was Melissa who
accompanied him last night. Melissa was not Lily… But why did he the feeling that Melissa is Lily?

Overwhelming thoughts popping into Murray’s mind, he suddenly stood up and strode up to Melissa.
“Melissa, seriously, you have never been kidnapped before?” he asked with eyes full of hope.

Melissa had never seen Murray talk so gently as now. His voice was deep and charming like the

sound of an expensive violin. His eyes were magnetic holding Melissa in a trance. She could clearly
see the flecks of silver in them.

see the flecks of silver in them.

Melissa was startled while Murray’s questions lingered in her ears. This was the second time Murray
mentioning about the kidnapping. Why did he keep asking her it again and again? Melissa raised her
eyes, answering seriously, “Murray, I don’t know why you repeat this question. I will answer you one
last time. I have never been kidnapped!”

Murray’s eyes met Melissa’s. Her expression was extremely serious and her ‘answer seem to be
impossible to be doubted. Murray sighed inwardly. Melissa had never been kidnapped before. Melissa
could not be Lily. Murray’s eyes dimmed.

Murray’s disappointment was hard to be ignored. Melissa couldn’t help but ask, “Who is Lily? Do you
like her?”

Murray did not answered her immediately.

After a short silence, he opened his mouth to find his voice, “She is the most important person in my
life.” For some reason, he did not admit that he liked Lily.


“Well…”Realizing Murray was unwilling to make detailed explanations, Melissa no longer asked


“What? Are you jealous?” Murray suddenly asked in an amusing tone. Trying to change the gloomy
atmosphere, he deliberately raised his voice with a hint of ambiguity.

Melissa rolled her eyes, “Murray, you’re going crazy. Do you think women should be around you? Ha?
Please, I’m not interested in your affairs. It’s none of my business.”

Murray frowned while Melissa kept clarifying herself, “We only have a three-month contract. Ops, it is
less than three months now. There are only two months and three weeks left. When we cancel the
contract, we will be strangers. Do you understand?”

Stranger? Hearing this, Murray was somehow unhappy. He knew that their engagement was set by his
grandfather. No love and romance involved. But at least, he treated her as a friend.

Whereas, she just regarded him as a stranger? “Melissa, in your heart, am I just an insignificant

“What else?” Melissa shrugged.

She looked down at her arm that was being held tightly by Murray, “Why are you so angry? Are you a
child? Don’t grab me. It hurts! Let go of me!”

However, Murray just stared at her childishly. His handsome face was unreadable with complicated
emotions and his brows were tightly knitted.


The awkward atmosphere was eventually broken by a female scream, “Melissa, what are you doing!”

Melissa turned to look at the door. It was Adela who appeared in her sight.

Seeing that Adela was glaring at her with jealousy, Melissa directly snuggled into Murray’s arms, “What
my husband and I are doing has nothing to do with you, Ms. Yale?”

Adela gritted her teeth.

Melissa giggled and looked up to Murray’s sharp jaw affectionately, “My dear, do you agree?”

My dear? That was not bad… Murray still plastered a poker face but slightly rose his lips.

Adela was so jealous almost exploded while Alex felt awkward, “Mr. Gibson, I’m sorry. I told Ms. Yale
that you are busy now, but she insisted on coming in…”

Alex shivered. Murray had never touched women before Melissa. Whereas, now, they were so
intimated, but interrupted by Adela and him!

Murray waved his hand impatiently, indicating Alex to leave. Alex felt relieved and quickly slipped out of
Murray’s office.

“Adela, why are you here?” Murray pulled his tie and looked at Adela coldly.

Adela twisted her slender waist and walked in front of Murray. She pouted, Mur, we had a preliminary
plan for the cooperation between the Yale Corporation and the Gibson Corporation. I brought it for

“Isn’t your big brother responsible for the cooperation?” Murray frowned.

“He is not free today, so he asked me to send it over,” Adela flushed. Actually, she secretly took the
plan to Murray

“Ok, you may leave.” Murray glanced at Melissa and said coldly.

“Did you hear that? Hurry up and get out of here. I’m going to explain the plan to Murray!” Adela looked
at Melissa with disdain.

“Adela, you, go, out.” Murray said word by word.

“Mur…” Adela felt chill, hearing his cruel command.

Adela’s eyes met Melissa who was snuggling into Murray.

Melissa, smirking, opened her mouth silently to Adela, “B-i-t-c-h.”

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