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Chapter 35

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You Are Lily

Claire turned around and saw Melissa at the door. She panicked.

“Claire, what are you doing?” Melissa frowned.

Claire blushed, climbed off Murray immediately and muttered, “Murray is drunk. I’m wiping his


“With your mouth or with your top?” A mocking smile appeared on Melissa’s face as she looked down
at Murray

His eyes were closed and his breathing was even as if he was asleep.

He probably did not know what Claire was doing.

So what secret relationship did they have?

Melissa shook her head.

Murray kept shouting “Lily”, so he should have nothing to do with Claire.

Moreover, he couldn’t do something like incest.


It was Claire’s wishful thinking.

“I warn you. Don’t talk nonsense!” Her thoughts were exposed. Claire could not help but feel annoyed.
She had always been his little sister. He couldn’t know she want to secretly sleep with


Melissa glanced at her indifferently, “I’m not interested in threatening you. But I warn you. As long as I
still live at the Gibson family’s place and haven’t canceled the engagement with Murray, you’d better

She paused for a moment and narrowed her eyes, “Otherwise you know the consequences if the

incest love was caught.”

“Melissa, how dare you?” Claire raised her hand and tried to hit Melissa’s face.

Melissa reached out and grabbed Claire’s arm, pushing her hard. Claire then fell to the ground.

“Melissa, how dare you hit me?” Claire was in pain, and she was furious.

Melissa sneered and left without looking back.

Melissa thought about it and sent a message to Anthony, “Help me investigate the relationship

between Claire and Murray.”

Anthony and Ada were the two most famous hackers in the world. They were superb and powerful.

Ada was more mysterious. It was said that she was Anthony’s teacher.

Yet Melissa was Ada.

But she was not Anthony’s teacher. Anthony tried to hack Star Entertainment. Melissa found it in

time and intercepted him.

They became friends later.

“Ada, it’s midnight. Are you going to let me sleep?” Soon, Anthony replied to Melissa.

“Just check. Why are you so long-winded?” They bickered every day.

“It’s so easy. Ada, you can handle it in five minutes. Why do you still need me?”

Melissa rolled her eyes.

Ten minutes later, Anthony sent Melissa the detailed information about Claire.

Claire was a child adopted by Sarah from an orphanage. As expected, she had no blood relationship

with Murray.

Melissa narrowed her eyes. So, that was the case.

Well, Claire liked Murray. No wonder she was always disturbing Melissa.

Melissa strongly suspected that she had made the wrong decision to make the contract.


Now, she only hoped three months pass quickly. When they canceled the engagement, everything
would be over.

She could be herself again.

The most unpleasant weekend had finally passed. The next day, Melissa went to the Gibson
Corporation early in the morning,

Melissa was sitting in her office to review the data of the Lady Vogue project.

Suddenly, Susie slammed a large stack of documents on Melissa’s desk.

“What are you doing?” Melissa looked up.

Susie stared at Melissa and said in a commanding tone, “Record this information and settle it before

Melissa glanced at the large pile of documents.

What kind of joke was that?

“I’m sorry, but I’m currently in charge of the Lady Vogue project. These have nothing to do with my

project. Find someone else to record it,” Melissa said.

Susie said impatiently, “Can’t you see that everyone is busy?”


She thought, What about me?

“Mr. Gibson said that I am in charge of the Lady Vogue project. I don’t need to do anything else,”
Melissa said as she cleared her throat.

Susie’s expression changed and she was about to say something when Melissa’s phone rang.

Melissa looked down to see the number “888”.

It was Murray.

Melissa picked it up, “Hello, this is Melissa.”

“Bring me a cup of coffee,” Murray’s deep and clear voice came out.

Melissa was stunned. Murray asked her to send coffee? What did he mean?

Before she could speak, Murray hung up the phone and there was a beeping sound.

She thought, Alright… I’ll send it.

Melissa put down the phone and said to Susie seriously, “Ms. Hodgson, you heard it. Mr. Gibson

asked for coffee. You can let others do this!”

She pushed the documents in front of Susie, “Please move aside!”

“You…” Susie was so angry.

Melissa walked towards the door gracefully. Susie gritted her teeth, getting so jealous.

“Melissa, let’s see how long you can stay here!”

Melissa went to get a latte and went straight to the president’s office.

Standing at the door of the office, Murray’s handsome face appeared in front of her, and her heart
inexplicably beat fast.

“Come in,” Murray said in a cold voice.

Melissa pushed the door. She walked directly to Murray and placed the coffee on his table.

Murray narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at Melissa.

Last night, when he was drunk, he saw Lily.

He felt that last night Lily was there. He thought that Lily was back.

But when he woke up this morning, Claire was sitting by his side.

Claire said that she sent him back to his room last night, but Claire was not Lily.

Was it just a dream last night?

But why was the dream so real?

“The coffee has been delivered. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.” Under the gaze of Murray’s deep
gaze, Melissa was a little uncomfortable. She said with a faint expression.

Just as she was about to turn around and leave, Melissa suddenly remembered something. She took
out the diamond button and handed it to Murray. “Right, this is yours.”

Murray lowered his head and smelled the unique fragrance in Melissa’s hand.

It was the same as the person’s last night.

He held Melissa’s hand tightly as if he was holding a treasure.

“Lily… You are Lily.” His eyes flashed with excitement as he spoke in a low and hoarse voice.

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