Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 33

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The temperature in the bathroom continued to rise…

Melissa’s mind went blank. Does she like his kisses?

The answer couldn’t be yes. Melissa took the opportunity and suddenly bít Murray’s lips. “No! Let

go of me!”

The smell of blood spread out. Murray felt pain and let go of Melissa.

Melissa was finally able to breathe. She took a few deep breaths to adjust her state of mind. She patted
her red face and looked at him with gritted teeth. “Murray, you bastard!”

Murray’s face darkened. He stared at Melissa deeply.

Why did she hate him so much?

She even bit him.

Murray remembered how Melissa sang to Harley just now and their expression. His face darkened.

“Harley is not suitable for you,” he said coldly, wiping the blood off his lips.


Melissa was speechless. She only regarded Harley as her brother


It seemed that Murray misunderstood her relationship with Harley.

But so what? Who was Murray to her? Why should she care?

“None of your business!” Melissa glared at Murray, then opened the door, and left.

It was enough!

She did not want to be with a dangerous man like Murray at all.

Looking at Melissa’s back, Murray frowned with mixed feelings.

He did not know why he was unable to control his emotions in front of her.

This feeling was bad.

After the kiss, Melissa was no longer in the mood to chat with Harley and the others, so she called,
“Harley, I have something to do. I need to go.”

“Meli, what’s wrong? Are you alright?” Harley heard that there was something wrong with Melissa’s
voice and could not help but ask with concern.

“I’m fine. I just feel a little uncomfortable.” Melissa found an excuse.

Harley quickly stood up. “Meli, where are you? I’ll send you back.”

“No need.” Melissa shook her head.

But Harley insisted on sending Melissa home. He quickly took the elevator to the first floor and waited
for Melissa at the entrance of the bar.

When Melissa walked to the gate, she saw Harley waiting for her there and was stunned.

“Meli, are you alright?” Seeing that Melissa had come out, Harley hurried over.

“I’m fine. Why are you here?” Melissa smiled.

“Of course, I’m sending you home.” Harley insisted.

Melissa was stubborn and could only nod. “Alright then.”

“Meli, wait for me for a moment. I’ll drive the car over,” Harley said gently.


Five minutes later, Harley drove his Maserati and stopped in front of Melissa.

“Meli, get in!” Harley opened the car door and said politely.

“Alright.” Melissa sat in the passenger seat.

“Mr. Gibson, you’re back.” Murray returned to his private room, and the business partner was waiting
for him.

Murray’s face darkened, and his mind was a mess.

That kiss made him intoxicated.

However, Melissa’s rejection of him made him annoyed.

Thinking about how she ran away, Murray was a little worried about Melissa for some reason.

It was so late. Would Melissa be in danger again?

“I have something to do. I need to go.” Murray left the room with a frown, leaving the partners looking at
each other in dismay.

When Murray reached the entrance of the bar, he saw Melissa sitting in Harley’s car.

The two were talking and laughing. Melissa smiled, and she was completely different than before.

Harley stepped on the accelerator and the car drove off.

Murray’s handsome face darkened, and the air around him seemed to have lowered the

temperature of the surroundings.

“Mr. Gibson, are you alright?” The business partner was about to go back when he saw Murray
standing at the gate with no expression, and he hurriedly went forward.

“Let’s go back and drink!” Murray glanced at him coldly.

Melissa sat in Harley’s car and returned to the Gibson’s house. “Harley, thank you,” she said.

“Meli, why are you being so polite with me?” Harley thought Melissa was everything to him.

Melissa returned to the room, hurriedly washed up, and lay down.

The kiss suddenly appeared in Melissa’s mind.

No matter how hard she tried, she could not get rid of Murray’s kiss.

Melissa tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep until the middle of the night.

“Murray, damn you!” Melissa suddenly sat up and turned on the light, cursing Murray.

It was all his fault that she couldn’t sleep.

This was the first time she had insomnia in her life!

Pursing her dry lips, Melissa got up and wanted to drink some water, but she found that there was

no water in the room.

She could only go downstairs to get water.

Just as she walked downstairs, she suddenly heard footsteps.

Melissa immediately became alert.

Could it be a thief?

Melissa tiptoed to hide behind the door. If it was a thief, then he was unlucky.

The door opened and a tall man stumbled in, with a strong smell of alcohol,

It turned out to be … Murray.

Melissa turned and left, but in the next second, he pulled her back.

“Murray, what are you doing?” Melissa was unprepared and fell down.

Coincidentally, Murray fell down first.

Murray grunted, and Melissa’s entire body fell onto Murray’s body.

What was worse, Melissa’s lips just happened to touch Murray’s, and she smelled the strong smell of

Melissa hurriedly got up from his body and frowned slightly.

What happened to Murray? Was he drunk?

Why did he drink so much wine for no reason?

Melissa looked down at Murray, who was lying on the ground. She decided to ignore him.

“Lily…” Melissa had just turned around when she was suddenly pulled by Murray. His voice was low
and hoarse, with a sadness that she could not understand. “Lily, don’t go.”

She thought, Lily?

What the hell?

Melissa was somewhat baffled. It sounded like a girl’s name.

Was the girl who Murray likes?

He must have thought of her as that girl.

“Murray, let go of me.” Melissa tried to break free of Murray.

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