Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 26

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She Is Loe

Will he? Murray found it difficult to reply to her.

Sometimes, no answer is the best answer. Melissa curled her lips, “You won’t love me, either. So my
freedom is where I go, who I meet, or even who I flirt with. It has nothing to do with the Gibson family.
We will be annulling our engagement in three months. Mr. Gibson, aren’t you being too nosey?”

Finishing her speech, Melissa pushed him out of the door without hesitation. “I want to rest. If that’s all,
please leave!”

Murray’s handsome face twitched. He pissed off. This woman was driving me away?

“Bang!”Melissa slammed the door.

Murray was furious.

It was the first time a woman drove him away.

He wanted to help her work. The reason why he asked Susie to give Melissa the project was to assist
her in improving her work ability. He assumed that Melissa as a newcomer being responsible for such a
big project would be difficult. Therefore, So he decided to teach her. Now there was no need for that.
Melissa didn’t appreciate it at all.

Melissa didn’t know what Murray was thinking at the moment. If she knew that he regarded her as a
newcomer to gain experience, she would be stupefied.

After kicking Murray out, Melissa took out a computer from the suitcase and opened the encrypted file.
Inside was a new dress she designed.

Melissa has another mysterious identity, Loe, the world’s most famous fashion designer.

Two years ago, Loe designed the wedding dress for the Princess of Yorwald, making her famous all
over the world overnight. She ranked first on the global top fashion designer list for two years.

However, no one knows her face. She never showed up or accepted media interviews. The head of her
studio, Nina Paul represented her in making all the announcements.

People only knew the name “Loe”, and they didn’t even know if “Loe” was a man or a woman. If people
knew that the famous Loe was a young girl in her 20s, they would be shocked.

Melissa devoted herself to the work. She modified a few details to finish her design. She sent the
design final draft to Nina, informing her “Release this Ailsa series now.”

Soon, Nina replied, “Roger.”


Early in the morning, Murray took Melissa to the Gibson’s house.

The house was a three-story villa located halfway up the mountain, surrounded by lush mountains and
rivers. It was beautiful.

Butler Jose warmly welcomed Murray and Melissa into the house.

“Where’s Grandfather?” Murray walked in.

Jose smiled. “Mr. Marc is waiting for you. This must be Ms. Eugen. Mr. Marc has been talking about
you for a long time.”

Melissa nodded smilingly.

Reaching out a hand, Murray eyed Melissa, implying Melissa to hold his hånd.

“What are you doing?” Melissa looked at him warily.

“I hope you can behave better in front of grandfather. He didn’t feel well.” Murray signed.

Melissa could think on his shoes. Just hesitating for a few seconds, she put her hands on his.

Anyway, she hoped Marc, his grandpa’s friend, would be healthy and live long.

They walked side by side into the living room.

Sitting in the living room was an old man with gray hair and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. It was Marc,
Murray’s grandfather.

“Grandfather.” Murray walked towards him.

Melissa followed behind him and smiled. “How are you, Mr. Marc.”

Marc stood up slowly, excitedly looking at Melissa. “Good. Meli, long time no see. You are more
beautiful now. Great.”

The last time he met Melissa was five years ago when she was a high school girl. Now, she had turned
out to be a young and elegant lady. She was a perfect wife for Murray.

“Mr. Marc, are you alright? My grandfather misses you all the time.” Melissa held Marc’s arm by his
side, secretly checking his pulse.

When Melissa was little, she was not as healthy as her now. Various kinds of illnesses haunted her.

Thus, her grandfather specially invited a senior doctor to care for her. Accompanying the doctor for
years, Melissa was also proficient in medicine and cure.

She found that Marc’s pulse was flat and stable. He was extremely healthy! Melissa was stunned for a
second. So…Marc pretended to be ill?

Looking at Murray’s worried face, Melissa suddenly realized that perhaps Marc lied to Murray only to
make Murray bring her here. Murray seems to be a dutiful grandson. As for Marc, Melissa internally
laughed; he had made every effort to make Murray get married. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be with
Murray. Marc would be disappointed three months later.

Figuring out Marc’s trick, Melissa glanced at Murray.

Murray held Melissa’s hand intimately, while Melissa subconsciously wanted to break free from him.
But then she recalled the agreement she made with Murray, she stopped with body stiffened and
awkwardly smiling.

Finding out their closeness, Marc smiled with delight.

Just then Jose said, “Mr. Marc, Mrs. Gibson and Ms. Yale arrived.”

Mrs. Gibson?

Ms. Yale?

Melissa frowned slightly, seeing Sarah walk in with Adela.

“Dad, are you feeling better? Our Adela was so worried. She asked to check on you many times.”

“Hello, Mr. Marc. I heard that you are ill. I wanted to visit you for a long time, but I was afraid to disturb
you,” Adela said.

Marc still smiled, but his expression stiffened a little. He always knew what Adela was thinking about
Murray. He also understood that Sarah liked Adela and didn’t like Melissa due to her countryside

However, from Marc’s perspective, Melissa was way better than Adela. That was also the truth. It was
just that they didn’t know Melissa’s true identity.

“Mom, why are you here?” When he saw Adela, Murray became gloomy.

He wondered, What was Adela here for?

“Adela always wanted to see you. She had time today, so she came here with me.” Sarah smiled and
pushed Adela to Murray.

Adela deliberately stood between Murray and Melissa. She pouted to Murray, pushing Melissa aside.

Melissa pursed her lips. She knew Sarah didn’t like her. Was Sarah trying to scare her by bringing

Adela here?

Adela stared at Murray with infatuation. “Murray, my brother will be back in a few days. Do vou have
the time to hang out with us?”

“I don’t have time.” Murray refused coldly.

“Are you busy?” Adela was disappointed.

Murray strode over to Adela and wrapped his arms around Melissa’s slender waist. “Melissa just
arrived in Aldness. I will take her to see around.”

Melissa was startled, then she cooperatively snuggled into Murray’s arms, saying coquettishly, “I want
you to go shopping with me.”

Murray nodded dotingly.

Hearing their intimated talk, Adela was so jealous that grit her teeth tightly. She had to suppress her
feeling of crazy jealousy to smile awkwardly. To get herself distracted, she handed a gift to Marc.

“Mr. Marc, this is a top-notch tonic. It’s very nourishing and is most suitable for the elderly. My
grandfather specially asked me to bring it back from abroad,” Adela said with eyes curving.

Pausing for a second, she turned to Melissa. “Ms. Eugen, there’s no such a good thing in the
countryside, right? Maybe you haven’t seen it before? I will bring some for you next time when I have
the chance.”

Ignoring Adela’s sarcasm, Melissa replied impolitely, “No need.”

Sarah shook head, sighing in a low but clear voice, “How can a countryside bumpkin be my son’s

Adela smiled, with this comparison, Marc would realize she, as a lady from a noble family, would more
match Murray. Adela heard that Marc arranged Murray’s marriage. She loved Murray for a long time.
This was the last opportunity she had to seize to make Marc change his mind. Sarah had told her that
Melissa was the fiancée that Marc had set for Murray, and Murray had only agreed because he was
forced to. So, as long as she could leave a good impression on Marc and disgrace Melissa in front of
Marc, then becoming Mrs. Gibson was not difficult.

Adela wouldn’t let Melissa go easily, continuing to ask her “Ms. Eugen, what gift did you bring to

Mr. Marc?” Disdain flashed across Adela’s eyes.

Three women at war. Marc and Murray were embarrassed.

Melissa blinked at Adela and said, “I didn’t bring any gifts.”

What she said was indeed rude.

Everyone was stunned.

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