Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 22

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Proof of Innocence

The police of the Forensic Department soon got the test result. He cleared his throat, “The test result
shows Ms. Eugen’s fingerprints on the ring.”

Melissa internally shuddered a little be. Her fingerprint? How could this be possible? She had never
touched that ring

This police officer was called by Murray. Logically speaking, the police could not be bought by Adela.
Then, the only possibility was that Adela had taken her fingerprints when she was not paying attention

“Melissa, now the results have proved that you stole my ring. What else do you want to say?” A smug
smile appeared on Adela’s face.

“Director, she stole my ring.” Adela pointed at Melissa and said. “Please take her away and judge the
case impartially.”

“Melissa, did you really do this?” Murray turned to Melissa. Although all the evidence on the surface
pointed to Melissa, Murray felt that things were not that simple.

Although Murray and Melissa had only known each other for a few days, he felt that Melissa would not
do such a thing.

“Of course not.” Melissa was still calm.

“The test result proves your theft. How dare you babble nonsense? “Adela glared at Melissa.

“Murray, why do you still believe her? Our Gibson family has nothing to do with this kind of thief.

So shameless to have her as your fiancée! She doesn’t deserve you!” Claire insulted Melissa loudly, so
furious that she would throw a punch at her.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Eugen. You have to go with us.” The director stepped forward.

Considering facts of the witness’s accusation of Melissa, finding the ring in Melissa’s handbag and the
test result showing her fingerprint on the ring, Melissa was indeed the most suspected. According to
the procedure, they needed to take Melissa to the police station to investigate.

“No need, I can prove that I have never touched that ring,” Melissa said plainly.

Although her voice wasn’t loud, it was extremely penetrating and had an unquestionable certainty.

“How can you prove it? Obviously, you stole my ring!” Adela raised her voice, unable to suppress the
excitement in her eyes.

Now that the evidence was confirmed, it was a certainty that Melissa stole her ring. No matter how
Melissa struggled, it was useless. Melissa, wait to be sent into prison!

“Of course, I can prove it.” Melissa plastered a fake smile. “Please give me the ring,” she talked to the
director next to her.

The director looked toward Murray. After receiving Murray’s acquiescence, he gave the ring to Melissa.

Melissa peered around. Finally, her eyes fell on the waiter. “You claimed that you saw me steal the ring,

The waiter nodded, “of course, I saw it clearly.”

Eyes darkening, Melissa said in a deep voice, “then watch me carefully.”

Melissa stretched out her hand and showed it to everyone. “Please look at my hand.”

Her fingers were smooth and fair.

No one had idea of what Melissa was up to. Everybody was whispering.

Murray’s expression was cold while he looked at Melissa with a bit of curiosity.

Despite all people accusing her like a convict, Melissa stood still without anger. She had the sort of
confidence and calmness that not a countryside girl would display.

Murray wanted to see how Melissa could prove her innocence with so much unfavorable evidence.

Melissa suddenly grasped the ring in her hand. A few minutes later, her fingers turned red and swollen
with many small bumps.

“Jesus, how could this happened?” Everybody looked at Melissa’s hand in surprise.

Melissa gave the ring to the police. “I’m allergic to platinum, the material of this ring. You’ve what I did.
Once I touch the platinum, my hands will burn red, which will spend hours on recovery.”

Melissa’s face was pale but she kept saying, “If Adela’s ring was really stolen by me, my hand would
have been allergic. But as you have seen, my palm was fine just now. It was only after I touched this
ring that my whole hand became swollen. That is to say, before that, I did not touch the ring at all, so I
couldn’t steal it.”

After the explanation, Melissa showed her hand’s injury around the crowd.

“No, this is impossible!” Adela stared at Melissa’s hands in disbelief.

How could this happen? Why is Melissa allergic to platinum?

“You must have played some tricks!” Adela took the ring from the policeman’s hand and looked at it
carefully, trying to see if there was any problem. However, the ring was indeed the one she gave to the
police, without any minor difference.

Adela’s was face totally twisted. What Melissa did was unacceptable to her. She had made a flawless
plan, which shouldn’t fail!

Melissa saw Adela’s panicked expression. She took the ring with the other hand. “If you still don’t
believe me, I can demonstrate it to you again.”

The result was the same as before. As soon as Melissa’s hand touched this ring, it became red and

“Now it can prove that I did not steal your ring, right?” Melissa asked.

“Exactly, Ms. Eugen is allergic to the ring. So she can’t steal it.” The director witnessed the whole thing
and agreed with Melissa.

“Thank you.” Melissa replied.

Then she took steps forward before stopping some inches in front of the waitress.

She gazed at her. “Now, little beauty, when did you see I stole the ring?”

The gloom in Melissa’s eyes could kill a man.

Noisy crowd was suddenly silent.

Endless silence.

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