Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 13

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Where Is Melissa?

“It’s already eleven o’clock. Melissa hasn’t returned yet. Where is she?”

Murray felt thirsty and went downstairs to drink some water, and he heard Claire’s words.

Sarah said, “She is from the countryside and has not seen the world. She behaves badly. It’s late and
she’s not back yet. Maybe she’s out there doing something unpresentable.”

Murray felt strange when he heard those words, but when he thought of Melissa’s attitude towards him
yesterday, that strangeness quickly disappeared.

Murray thought, What she did doesn’t matter to me anyway.

Sarah then said to Murray, “Murray, I don’t care if Melissa behaves badly, but it will not be good for your
reputation if others know that Melissa behaves badly. After all, many people have seen her and know
that she is your fiancée. I think your engagement should be canceled early. Just let her go back to her
home. If she continues to stay here, there may be some more trouble. Maybe there will be a loss for
the Gibson family.”

Murray said, “Grandfather said that the engagement can be annulled in three months.”

“Do we have to wait another three months?” Sarah shouted, “it’s only been a few days and I already
can’t stand her anymore. You should discuss it with your grandfather and quickly chase her away.”

“You can talk about it with grandpa,” Murray took a look at Sarah and said.

Sarah immediately went silent. She knew she would be scolded if she went to talk about it with Marc.

Murray then went upstairs.

When Murray reached the study, he saw the screen of the phone on the table had lit up and there was
a text message notification.

Murray picked up his phone and saw two words, “Help me!”

Seeing that the text message was from an unknown number, Murray thought it was a prank. He
ignored it and continued to deal with the work, but he always felt a little uneasy.

It was already early in the morning. Murray had already taken a shower. He lay on the bed, but he was
not sleepy.

Murray thought, Why hasn’t she come back yet? Where did she go?

Murray closed his eyes. Murray thought, Forget it. Where she goes has nothing to do with me.

A few seconds later, Murray turned over. Murray thought, Logically speaking, she doesn’t know anyone
else here, so she shouldn’t have stayed out this late.

When Murray thought of the distress message, he suddenly thought of something. Murray then
searched for his chat history with Marc.

Back then, Marc had sent Murray Melissa’s phone number, but Murray hadn’t saved it.

Only then did Murray realize that the distress message was sent by Melissa.

Murray thought, Is she in danger?

Murray suddenly sat up and immediately called Melissa, but Melissa’s phone was turned off.

Murray immediately panicked. Murray thought, Could something bad have happened to her?

After putting on his clothes, Murray quickly went out and got in the car. After thinking for a while, Murray
decided to go to the company to try his luck first because he could ask the security guards when
Melissa left the company.

When Murray arrived at the company, he saw it was in total darkness. Murray found the security guard
and was told, “There is a problem with the electric circuit. Someone will repair it in the morning and it
will not affect employees’ work.”

When Murray asked where Melissa was, the security guard said, “I didn’t see her.”

“Did she not come to work?” Murray frowned and asked.

“I saw her come to work in the morning, but I didn’t see her come out after work.”

The security guard said with certainty, “I’m sure I’m not misremembering.”

There were many discussions about Melissa in the company and many people paid attention to her. If
Melissa had passed by the security guard, he would have seen her.

Murray thought, So she is still in the company. Then why did she send me the distress text?

The security guard thought for a while and said, “By the way, I heard a few people talking that Susie
arranged a lot of work for Melissa and Melissa would work overtime for a long time. Could it be that
Melissa was too tired and fell asleep?”

Without thinking too much, Murray went upstairs. The security guard followed Murray up the stairs and
lit the way with a flashlight for Murray.



Murray shouted a few times, but no one responded.

When Murray reached Melissa’s desk, he saw that Melissa’s bag was still on the table. Looking down,
Murray saw two feet.

Murray quickly squatted down, and the security guard shone the flashlight down.

Under the light, Murray saw Melissa curled up into a ball. Melissa’s face was pale and her body was
trembling uncontrollably.

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Chapter 13

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