Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 11

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A Retentive Memory

Melissa sorted out the documents. Melissa had a retentive memory. Melissa could look at something
once and remembered it forever. After roughly understanding the contents of the documents. Melissa
knew what kind of data she had to organize in the end. Melissa then started to record the data.

The process was a little tedious, but it was not difficult for Melissa. She quickly got started and her
speed became faster and faster,

The sound of Melissa’s rapid keyboard tapping attracted the attention of many colleagues. They talked
about it in whispers.

“Do you see how fast Melissa is typing? I always think I am a fast typist, but she’s faster than me.”

“Melissa’s from the countryside and I think she doesn’t know how to use a computer. I don’t expect her
to be so efficient when she is working.”

“I feel the same way. Melissa was very efficient when she was working this morning. Although she is
from the countryside, she still has merits. Otherwise, she could not become Mr. Gibson’s fiancée.

After all, I heard that this was decided by Mr. Marc. Mr. Marc’s decision is certainly right.”

“So what? Can’t you see that Mr. Gibson has never paid any attention to Melissa? One day Melissa

Because Melissa had offended Susie. Susie deliberately made Melissa do the

most tiring work. Melissa will suffer in the future. Let’s see how long she can hold on.”

“Well, we’d better not put our finger in another’s pie, or we will get into trouble.”

Melissa heard the discussions, but she ignored them and focused on her work.

Melissa did not want to tire herself out. When she was hungry, she ate a few mouthfuls of her snacks.
When she was thirsty, she went to drink a glass of water. When she was tired, she went to the restroom
and stretched her legs.

It was time to get off work in the evening, but because there was a lot of work today, most employees
were not in a hurry to leave. Melissa went to have dinner and then returned to continue working

Melissa ate on time under all circumstances.

After Melissa returned, Susie slammed the table in anger and said, “Melissa, why did you leave before
you finish the job? I told you to finish organizing the data today. You’re not even taking your

job seriously. You drank, ate, and hung out while you were working. If you don’t want to do it, just say it
directly. I will arrange for others to do it. Can you take responsibility if the company loses money
because of your work not being completed?”

Susie was stunned by what Melissa said. After Susie came to her senses, she was angrier.

“Are you trying to shirk responsibility now? Alright! I’ll see if you can complete it before tomorrow!”

With an angry look on her face, Susie left quickly in her high heels.

As Susie failed to vent her anger on Melissa, Susie vented it on the others. Susie said, “You can’t leave
here if you don’t finish your work today.”

Melissa sneered and ignored Susie, continuing to work.

The other employees left one after another, and finally, only Melissa was left in the office.

When it was-half past nine in the evening, Melissa typed on the keyboard for the last time and finally
completed all the work.

If others were to do this work, they would not finish it until ten or even eleven o’clock without even
having dinner. But Melissa was efficient. She had planned her time and easily completed it.

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