Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 10

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No One Will Help You

They kept silent.

Murray raised his hand and tugged at his tie. He became even angrier. He was enraged at himself

because he led the topic.

At that moment, he regretted finding a topic to talk to her just now because he felt too quiet in the car. He
felt more annoyed as time passed by.

By the time they got home, they both kept silent.

As soon as the car was stopped at the door, Murray quickly got out of the car. Melissa lazily got out of
the car as if nothing had happened.

Murray sat on the sofa in the living room with a glass of water in his hand. Melissa did not look at him
when she passed by and slowly went upstairs.

Murray placed the glass heavily on the table.

Melissa heard this voice and cared little about it. She continued to go upstairs.

It was just a joke and why was he so angry? Murray seemed to be narrow-minded! Melissa thought.

How could such a person be the head of the Gibson Corporation? He might destroy his family business
in the future.

Early the next morning.

At breakfast; Melissa suffered from being humiliated by Sarah and Claire as before.

Melissa showed no concern about them and ignored them no matter what they said.

Sarah and Claire found Melissa paying no attention to them and instead got extremely angry.

Melissa, on the other hand, took it as watching a show and cared little about it. After breakfast, she
directly went to work at the company.

Melissa was very capable at work, and there was no problem for her to work as a secretary. So she
quickly finished her work in the morning and took a nap after lunch.

At three o‘clock in the afternoon, Melissa went to the bathroom. When she returned, there was a pile of
files on the table.

Susie stood by the table. Melissa realized what she did.

“What are they?”

Susie gave her order, “All these files must be recorded on the computer today. There was another
colleague who shared the work with you, but he asked for a leave today suddenly, so you have to finish it
by yourself. Remember that you must complete the work today. You have to sort out the data because
we need it tomorrow.”

Melissa skipped over the files. She had to record all of them on the computer. It was a boring job that
needed much time. If she had to finish it by herself today, she would work overtime.

“Since the work is urgent, why didn’t you give it to me earlier?”

Susie replied confidently, “It is an unexpected change. I just received orders from the top. It is normal.
Don’t overdo it. Are you complaining? Melissa, although you are Mr. Gibson’s fiancée, you choose to
work here now. I think you will be a good staff here, right?”

Melissa knew Susie’s thoughts. But Melissa accepted it because she expected it when she promised to
work here.

“Of course.”

Melissa then sat down and flipped through the files.

Susie was satisfied and smiled. She received the notice from the top this morning. She told Melissa so
late on purpose. In addition, she deliberately took the initiative to give the employee a day’s leave.

Melissa had to work overtime until 10 o’clock if she tried to finish it today. She would have a backache
after the heavy work.

“Remember that you have to carefully check it over and over again. No mistake is allowed. Every
number has to be correct. Otherwise, it will lead to mistakes in the final data statistics.”

Melissa glanced at Susie impatiently. “Is there anything else? Tell me all at once.”

“No more work for you.”

“Then you can leave now. Don’t you have any other work to do?”

Susie felt very embarrassed in front of the other staff.

Melissa was Mr. Gibson’s fiancée, but Melissa was just a secretary now. Susie was the secretary-
general. How could Melissa be so rude to her?

Melissa was from the countryside. Why was she so arrogant? Susie couldn’t stand it all the time.

Susie gave Melissa a dirty look and turned around to leave.

But she was complaining secretly, “Take your time. It’s not enough! I won’t let you go! No one will help
you here!”

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